• Soup on Sunday: Tuscan Turkey Noodle

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    turkey noodle soupYesterday was a near perfect day…cool weather and not a cloud in the sky. It was the kind of day were you wanted to be outside as long as possible. In fact, that was our primary goal. Other than church and brunch, all time was spent out and about. Once it turned dark and cooler, this recipe fit the dinnertime bill perfectly; little prep time and easy to prepare. Enjoy


    Profile: Danielle Rollins

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    IMG_5398I love serendipitous moments, and this weekend offered one of those wonderful unexpected moments. When last minute plans put both me and Danielle in Dallas on Sunday, brunch was on the horizon. Reservations were made for alfresco dining at Meso Maya and we were joined by friends Matt Whitaker, Kelley Copeland, Amy and Rob Lee (and their little princess). It was by far one of the most fun brunches in recent memory. Not to mention the weather, food and company were fantastic.


    Soup on Sunday: Grilled Chicken Noodle

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    soupNEW NOTE:
    When I asked my young friend Michael what soup I should make after church he replied, “Chicken Noodle!” Knowing that it’s hard to beat this recipe, I decided to repost a favorite. Once again, this soup did not disappoint. Enjoy


    Pretty Pictures: Workspaces

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    RCDH1118Having been self-employed for the past several years, I have had the privilege of working from home and having my own little office. My office in Scotland was pure pleasure…the attic space of a former Georgian Townhouse. Though tiny, it was a jewel box. I loved being surrounded each day by my art, photos of friends, handwritten notes and stacks of books and magazines (witness image above). Now that I am setting up my office in Texas, I am once again looking at some of my favorite workspaces for inspiration. I would love to see your offices/desks and/or favorite images. Perhaps there is another blog post in the making. If you would like to share, please email me at

    A New Year and What’s to Come…

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    photo (12)It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years since penning my very first blog post. In all honestly, I could never have envisioned the path that my life would take as I typed that first post in January 2007. I am still delighted by the daily journey and grateful for the amazing opportunities that I have been presented. Authoring a book this year has been a life long dream. I am most appreciative to Rizzoli for publishing Designers at Home, my editor Sandy Gilbert (I can’t wait to start the next one), Martha Stewart for writing the forward and hosting my New York launch party and to all of you who have supported me over the years. I am still humbled and honored by these events and friendships.


    Soup on Sunday: Matt’s Texas Chili

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    chili_3Rare are the days that it’s cold enough for soup in Texas (without turning down the A/C). However, today was the rare exception. When we left for church this morning it was in the upper 60s. However, by the time we left service it had dropped 15 degrees (and is expected to drop to 27 tonight).  Matt, my friend and a Soup on Sunday follower, offered  to make his “almost famous” Texas chili. Instead of ground beef he uses chuck roast (diced into 1 inch cubes), yum! His recipe is loosely base on a  Terlingua International Chili recipe.  And, while I will admit  that I am not  completely  convinced that beans officially go into chili, this recipe was delicious…especially  served over Fritos…it’s so good!! I would love for you to weigh in on the beans vs no bean debate. The International Chili Society’s Judging Criteria states that Traditional Red Chili, as is defined by the International Chili Society beans and pasta are strictly forbidden. Either way, this chili is yummy! Enjoy.



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    IMG_2202I have long had a love affair with fabrics. In fact, I have a shameless collection in storage that I hope to one day use for pillows, draperies, and tablecloths. Last June I was able to indulge my fabric passion when Scottish Development International and Scottish Enterprise, along with Traditional Home, hosted me, Tobi Fairley, Anne Maxwell Foster, Philip GorrivanPatrick Lönn and Gideon Mendelson  for a tour the Scottish textiles mills. I honestly believe that learning and exploring is so much more fun with a great group. And, lucky for me, I was recently privileged to explore fabrics once again with fellow bloggers the Madcap Cottage duo Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke, Tamara Matthews-Stephenson, Marisa Marcantonio and Traci Zeller.


    Houston Book Signing MrsPK&OZ

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    mrspk_open_house_inviteIf you are in the Houston area, I would love for you to join me at the very cool MrsPK & OZ for a Holiday Open House and book signing on December 12th.  MrsPK & OZ are the hosts for this fun event. Patti Kagan | aka “mrspk,” is a native Houstonian, grew up in an “atomic ranch” style home furnished with iconic mid century furniture. During the design phase of building two homes for her family (one in Houston; the other, a vacation home in Colorado), mrspk became frustrated with having more knowledge of modern design than most of the designers she hired. As a result, mrspk went straight to the source: the dealers. It was through one of the houston mid-century dealers that mrspk met oz. (more…)

    Timothy Corrigan’s An Invitation toChâteau du Grand-Luce

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    TC COVER 10 copyThere are so many reasons that I adore fall…cozy cardigans, cooler temperatures, a return to routine and new design books! One of my favorite tomes this season is Timothy Corrigan’s An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé, a wonderful book detailing his against-all-odds acquisition of an 18th century wreck in the Loire valley. What follows is Tim’s painstaking restoration, decoration and journey bringing back to life a glorious private home.