• Posh Pets

    by  • 11 Jan ’07 • 2 Comments

    There are millions of dog-owning people on this planet, but not all are dog people. Dog people are instantly recognizable by one another. They gravitate to each other like magnets in a crowd and nod in understanding when you comment that you like people who like your dog and despise people who don’t. You...

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    Forcing Forsythia

    by  • 10 Jan ’07 • 4 Comments

    During the winter months it’s easy to bring a little sunshine indoors. In December or January when Forsythia branches are covered with tight-flower-buds, cut branches at the length needed for indoor arrangements. Next, place branches in warm (not hot) water over-night in the garage or other cool place. Tweet

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    More Muriel

    by  • 10 Jan ’07 • 7 Comments

    Several have commented on the photo of Muriel Brandolini’s work, so I thought I would post a few more. I love her style. All photos are Elle Magazine. Tweet

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    Roasted garlic

    by  • 10 Jan ’07 • 0 Comments

    My husband has been on a roasted garlic kick lately, which smells heavenly when baking. Few foods metamorphose as dramatically or alluringly as garlic when it is roasted, and the best part is the simplicity of it all. Tweet

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    Thread count

    by  • 9 Jan ’07 • 8 Comments

Thread count has for several years been a buzzword in bedding. Let’s face it, at one point it actually got to be something of a status symbol, a “my sheets have more threads than yours” sort of thing as manufacturers and retailers, in order to sell more sheets, pushed the issue. Tweet

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    Confit Pots

    by  • 9 Jan ’07 • 3 Comments

    Confit is a term that comes from the French verb confire (to preserve). Some say the preservation method originated in Perigord where parts of the goose not used for foie gras where stored in glazed earthenware pots. Part of the charm behind the beautiful green and yellow French confit pot is the hundred plus...

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    Muriel Brandolini

    by  • 7 Jan ’07 • 4 Comments

    One of my favorite designers is Muriel Brandolini. To have a signature style but not be ruled by it takes confidence. To have a signature style and still feel free to reinvent yourself takes curiosity and a good eye for design. And that’s where Muriel excels. Tweet

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    The House of Creed

    by  • 6 Jan ’07 • 6 Comments

    The House of Creed is the world’s only privately held luxury fragrance dynasty, founded in 1760 and passed from father to son since then, serving more than 11 royal houses and the public for 246 years. Today the firm is led by sixth-generation perfumer Olivier Creed. Tweet

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