• Soup on Sunday: Buttermilk Fennel Vichyssoise

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    ColdSoupDespite the fact that I am drinking a hot Starbucks coffee, I can’t bring myself to think about soup (even if it is Sunday and happens to be my favorite food). Yesterday the temperature in Houston was 104 and felt like 113. And as crazy as it may sound, I am loving the hot weather. Either I am suffering from having lived in a cold damp climate for too long or I am delusional from the heatwave. Either way, a bowl of steaming soup is still out of the question.


    Profile: Tobi Tobin

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    Tobi_Tobin09For the past few years my friend has been raving about Los Angeles-based interior designer Tobi Tobin and her flagship store on Sunset Blvd. Last month while in LA for a book signing and Legends of La Cienega we made a visit to the very cool and carefully curated shop. The vintage couture jewelry, furniture, fine linens, rare books, custom candles and hand-made chocolates (produced locally) reflect perfectly Tobi’s passion for design and luxury. The store was everything Brad said it to be and more. The candles and chocolates alone were to die for. An authentic Parisian confectionery display cabinet housed the yummy dark beauties; truffle fudge topped with French grey sea salt was my favorite.


    Thank You Martha Stewart

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    RP_MS_RRCI have always believed that the mind somehow finds a way to accomplish the things we desire most in life. Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Writing a book has been my lifelong dream. From childhood on I dreamed, plotted and planned, though I was never entirely certain what shape it would take. As I approached my twenties I became obsessed with houses and shelter magazines. Eager to learn from the experts I began my own road to writing. First in notebooks, then a blog and eventually Designers at Home.


    Profile: Mark Cravotta

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    MCravottaEven after seven years of blogging, and being immersed in the interior design industry, I am still  excited to meet new people (there are many!) and witness wonderful creativity. Most recently Beth Brenner kindly introduced me to fellow Texan and talented interior designer Mark Cravotta. Being in Texas for the summer I have had the privilege of spending time in Austin with Mark and his wife Monica. On my last trip they graciously offered me their cool guesthouse (yes, it’s available to rent).


    Profile: Mark D. Sikes

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    headshot 2 [1]I can’t recall specifically when and where I first meet the fabulous Mark D. Sikes (I believe it was in LA at the Design Blogger Conference). However, I do clearly remember the first time that I saw the beautiful Hollywood Hills home he shares with his partner, Michael Griffin, on the cover of the December/January 2012 issue of House Beautiful. I was instantly smitten. Mark’s exquisite home and his uncanny ability to seamlessly blend All-American classic style in a fresh and modern way made his an instant hit in the blog world and earned him immediate attention from the design community.


    All the Best + Joss & Main Curated Sale

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    J&M-LogoI am thrilled that Joss & Main have asked me to curate a sale for their Curators Collection (sale starts today June 4th at 9pm EST). For those who love the thrill of the find and relish daily doses of design inspiration, Joss & Main is the site for you! A premier members-only site that offers limited-time sales on the world’s best brands for your home and lifestyle. All the Best readers can have access instantly by clicking here!


    A Memorial Day Tradition

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    Slim_MaryFour years ago I posted this wonderful photo of Slim Aarons and his daughter Mary taken on Memorial Day.  Now it’s become my yearly tradition to repost the image and back story on All the Best.  After I first posted the photo, much to my delight, Mary emailed me to share more information about this photo and her father.


    Cover Girl

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    DesignersAtHome_cover-1When I started working on Designers at Home in September 2011 I had no idea how long it would take to write such a book, much less the exacting details of every decision. No question it’s a long and wonderfully laborious process; and what a process it was. There are so many things to consider: selecting the ideal graphic designer, choice of type font, size (did you know that a book is composed of 16-page signatures so the page count must be divisible by 16?) and then there is nailing the book’s title and cover image! We must have looked at 20+ options before Rizzoli made the final selection. Thank goodness I  was guided by my amazing editor Sandy Gilbert and book designer extraordinaire Doug Turshen every step of the way.


    Counting the Days…

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    EviteForRonda-Rizzoli-April2013It’s now just days away from the release of Designers at Home. In many ways it feels as if I am anticipating the birth of a child. And, for those with children, myself included, you understand the joy and expectancy that goes with the territory. Writing this book was truly a labor of love.  It was a lot of work (and many long hours), but I enjoyed every moment. When I recently said to my father that it took 9 months to write (notice a theme), he commented “yes, but you have been preparing your whole life to write a book like this one.”


    Profile: Vaunte

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    Christian and Leah2Perhaps the only thing better than a lively brainstorming session is seeing seeds planted and great ideas take shape. A few years ago at the Avalon hotel in L.A., my friends Christian Leone (former VP of communications at Armani) and Malcolm James Kutner (the supremely talented interior designer) and myself played a poolside version of the “what if” game. You know the one: “What if you could start your own business?” “What if you could do anything that you wanted in life?” At the time Christian had a few ideas for an online venture, but was still searching for the perfect pieces to the puzzle.