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    RCFF_1A HUGE thank you for all of the emails, messages and Facebook feedback yesterday! I am overwhelmed by the positive responses and reactions. ‘Fresh’ is the one recurring word I keep hearing about the fabrics (which makes me very happy). I am really very excited about this venture.

    Of course there had to be tartans in any line of fabrics from Scotland. What I really love about our tartans is that they are the fun, and bright colors. But beyond the color, what I love most is the history and quality of the mills producing our tartans. One has been family owned and operated for 200 years. And while tartans were a must for our collection, we will also have 3 different weights of cashmere (shear, medium, and heavy), wools, sateens, tweeds and luxury suiting fabrics.

    Yesterday I had several questions around ordering, cost, showroom, memos, books, etc.

    So, I thought that perhaps it made sense to list the details here:

    • All fabrics are ‘to the trade’
    • For Houston designers, our first showroom is Ken Kehoe & Company at the Houston Design Center (Official opening May)
    • For non-Houston, we will sell direct.
    • More showroom to come later this year
    • Memos and fabrics are now available
    • Books are in production
    • To set up an account, request memos, and order fabrics, email
    • Website is underway www.rondacarman.com
    • And, yes, you can order now

    Here are a few of our tartans…I will post our cashmeres and wools later this week. Again, thank you for the encouraging support. RCFF_2


    The Highland Collection – Alisa GoldDSC_0605

    The Highland Collection – Tiree Turquoise


    The Highland Collection – Birnam Blue


    The Highland Collection – Gigha Green


    The Highland Collection – Gigha CherryDSC_0564

    The Highland Collection – Barra Fuchsia DSC_0573

    The Highland Collection – Gigha Lilac


    The Highland Collection – Comrie – Navy Blue


    The Highland Collection – Torridon RoyalDSC_0554

    The Highland Collection – Shiel Claret


    The Highland Collection – Sunart Sapphire

    DSC_0585The Highland Collection – Kyle Pink

    5 Responses to The Details: RONDA CARMAN FINE FABRICS

    1. MJH DesignArts
      25 Mar ’14 at 12:50 pm

      I love them all. I feel as if I were in a candy store. Gorgeous.

    2. 25 Mar ’14 at 5:13 pm

      Those colors are scrumptious and bring back many fond memories of my childhood in England.

    3. 25 Mar ’14 at 5:17 pm

      Beatutiful. How exciting!

    4. 27 Mar ’14 at 9:22 pm

      So beautiful! What strikes me most is that they are classic yet at the same time so modern. Timeless is the best way to describe it. Congratulations to you!

    5. 28 Mar ’14 at 2:00 am

      Beautifull fabric., good use for dinning table.,

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