I have been hearing a lot of talk about Plastic Wall panels as an alternative to the traditional tiles used inside British bathrooms and kitchens for both walls and ceilings. I wanted to write a slightly biased post (I have just had a brand new bathroom fitted with bathroom wall cladding) about these wonderful creations. I have come up with a few reasons as to why I feel opting for wall panels is actually a better option for you as a homeowner in the short and long term.

Here are just a few of the reasons that you will be sure to save money by choosing wall panels over tiles:

Less Expensive Materials

The plastics used in wall panels. like those sold at the Principality Plastics Warehouse in the U.K., are much less expensive than the grout and ceramics that are used to construct a tiled bathroom wall. Not only do they cost less overall, but they can be found in so many intricate patterns that you are sure to find one that resembles the bathroom wall of your dreams, even if you want a faux tile look.

Save on Labor Costs

Plastic wall panels are so much easier to install than tiles that you are more likely to be able to install your bathroom walls by yourself since no special skills are required, while you will need some background in laying tile to install the alternative. And, even if you do need help, it will cost you less still since there are fewer labor hours involved in a professional installation of wall panels. Either way, you will save big bucks!

Easier to Clean and Maintain

You will save on all types of tile cleaners and bleach products since plastic wall panels don’t require much more than an occasional wipe down with a wet cloth. On the other hand, tiles are notoriously difficult to keep clean, especially the areas between each tile that can accumulate soap scum and dirt over time that is nearly impossible to keep pristine.

Avoiding Mold Removal 

In humid climates, the spaces between tiles are also known to grow the dreaded black mold, known for causing illnesses and allergy attacks in a number of households, leading to a plethora of expensive medical bills. Black mold is extremely difficult to remove, even with bleach-infused products, but it is almost unheard of to those using plastic wall panels. There isn’t anything for the mold to attach itself to, so it cannot grow on plastic, rendering it safer for households with children.

In conclusion, installing plastic wall panels in your bathroom can save you a ton of money upfront and over the long run. Using tile may seem like an authentic decorating effort at first, but as the costs add up, you will start to realize that it was probably best to work with a medium that can be molded to simply look like the tile bathroom that you always imagined. The extra money saved on remodeling and maintenance can come in handy these days with the tough economy that we all live in, so it’s always best to try to save money any way that you can.